I really believe in Ivanka and Jared. But they both could have married trophy spouses, and instead they chose equals. (At least in terms of real estate.) If you can't believe Ivanka and Jared, what celebrity billionaire couple can you believe in? » 1/04/10 1:17pm 1/04/10 1:17pm

Vladimir Nabokov's Last Will And Testament To Be Ignored

Dmitri Nabokov was in an awkward spot over his father's last book, The Original of Laura. On his deathbed, Nabokov asked Dmitri to destroy his final manuscript. (But Nabokov is such a beautiful writer and this was last work!) After much internal conflict, angry emails and a hallucination, Dmitri has decided to publish… » 4/23/08 5:19pm 4/23/08 5:19pm

Emily Brill to Dad: Internet Notoriety Is a Job!

Today on Essentially Emily, Emily Brill asserts that Nick Denton is not the only reason why people bother to read Essentially Emily. No, they care about the pseudo socialite who is "friends" with Kristian Laliberte because of her dad, former media tycoon and current airport security specialist Steve Brill, and not… » 4/23/08 3:18pm 4/23/08 3:18pm

Kids Keep In Touch In Funny Ways These Days

Hey guys, big news from the University of Oxford Press Blog today. Big news. The internet and cell phones have changed—possibly even revolutionized—the way kids keep in touch with one another. Instead of catching up with acquaintances, people just follow their away messages. (Note: I'm almost positive away messages… » 4/23/08 12:55pm 4/23/08 12:55pm

Gawker Stalker For The Ultra-Literary Set

Even if the Brooklyn Literary Scene is dead, or as Colson Whitehead put it, annoying and irrelevant, there still are a lot of writers kicking it in the borough of churches. In today's New York Observer, Fort Greene's own Doree Shafrir made an extensive list of the Brooklyn literarati, including neighborhood listings.… » 4/23/08 11:28am 4/23/08 11:28am

Is 'Home Buying For Hipsters' Actually Just For Tools?

Like "cool," "hipster" is a multivalent word with no set definition but many different meanings. But from a real estate developers' perspective, if you live in Brooklyn, have read a Jonathan Lethem book or have gone to Studio B, you qualify. Sorry! Even so, no real hipster admits to being one. That's worse than saying… » 4/22/08 4:50pm 4/22/08 4:50pm

Motivational Video Filled With Lies

Times are tough for journalists. Sure, there are humorous t-shirts, but that's probably not enough to save the industry. The McClatchy Company, which owns The Sacramento Bee and The Miami Herald, put up a video of their CEO Gary Pruitt to encourage and dupe their employees. In the clip, Pruitt says that no company won… » 4/22/08 1:30pm 4/22/08 1:30pm

Ryan Adams Could Never Say Goodbye To Us

Poor Sheila. The week she chose to frolic abroad, her internet boyfriend, the musician Ryan Adams, seemingly shut down his blog. But even on vacation, she couldn't tear herself away from her work, nay, her love. When news of the shut down came in, she commented, "why is this genuinely upsetting me that his tumblr is… » 4/22/08 11:57am 4/22/08 11:57am

How to Get Hotties to do Your Work For You

Is there anything worse about being a reporter than transcribing? Well, maybe, but listening (and relistening) to tape from an interview is one of the most mind-numbing tasks in journalism. Actually, your mind can't even turn numb, because you need to be at attention the whole time. Added to the fun is hearing your… » 4/22/08 10:25am 4/22/08 10:25am

Parody of News Network Invites on Parody of Blogger

The Harvard educated and camera ready investment banker Muffie Benson-Perella would be a great guest on any business show. Her blog's slogan is "Dive Into the Muff!" And who wouldn't want to? This photogenic business woman is the founder of the Founder of Muff Cap, LLC., "an invitation only, private investment vehicle… » 4/21/08 5:42pm 4/21/08 5:42pm